1 3/4" (45 MM) Perfect Paver Tool

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The simple to use tool that provides all the elevations needed to install 1.75" or 45 mm pavers.

Three elevation settings for top of paver, top of gravel, and top of sand base.  

This tool is designed specifically for the pavers you purchase at the local Home Depot, Lowes, or Hardware supplier.   

We recommend at least 4 on even the smallest of projects. Complex curves and greater distances generally require more. 

One piece, all aluminum construction will provide years of use.

$42.00 /Each.
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Perfect paver package of 4


About This Perfect Paver Tool

This tool provides the fastest way to layout all of the different elevations for multiple base layer paver projects. Ask any installer, and he will tell you the key to pavers is proper compaction and installation of the multiple base layers. Using this tool will give you the accuracy to achieve the same quality results as the professional installer. The elevation grooves are spaced to provide string-line measurements for each level of base. Simply set the tool on any smooth elevation stake at your exact paver finished paver level. The tool will now not need to be moved for the rest of the project!  

This is the only tool available that allows you to move the string-line to each level of base material required without adjusting or measuring. This tool is even specifically designed to leave the pavers slightly high and allow for final compaction settlement back to top of the sleeve. By simply moving your string-line to each preset elevation groove you will have quick and repeatable visual representations of top of gravels, top of sand base and top of paver.  

Once your primary excavation is complete, throw your tape measure back in the toolbox for the rest of the project. Now your visual string-line elevations can be moved from level to level with the same accuracy as a professional installer.   

See how it works at: Perfect Paver Installation tool

We can also custom cut sleeves to meet any requirements. Contact us today or call 1(973) 352-9303 for needs.