Innovative Tools

PB Tools is a nationwide distributor of a variety of innovative tools, such as mason tools, paver base installation tools, string line holders, string line tools, perfect paver installation tools and various other tools that are helpful for contractors and masonry workers.

For more information about our innovative paver installation and masonry tools for sale, please reach out to us today. The number to call is 1-973-298-2831. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our line of products.

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Perfect Paver and Hardscape Elevation Tools

This is our patent-pending paver installation tool. It provides an optimum method of setting all of your base material levels. Simple set up using standard industry practices such as a laser level, site level, string line holding, or screed beams and a level. Once final elevations are set, a string line can be placed at each level on the sleeve thereby setting elevations for final paver height, sand base height, gravel height. This tool removes the need to constantly measure to find the current elevation needed for each level of base material needed in paver installation. We build tools for 2 3/8” pavers, 3” pavers,  6” and 8” wall stone, and can build any custom multi-layer application to suit your requirements. Several variations of the paver tool are available to suit the needs of the individual installer while still conforming to ICPI methods of installation.  

See the video at: Perfect Paver video

Soil Screener

This is our kinetic energy screener.  The basic style is similar to a grizzly bar screener, but the added motion, provided by the screen deck bouncing, efficiently screens the soil and keeps the bars clean.  The springs reduce the bending of the grizzly bars that normally occurs from dumping large boulders onto the screen deck and create a secondary motion to aid in screening. In fact, dumping more aggressively keeps the bars cleaner and the unit screens faster. As the soil is loaded the springs “give” and allow the screen deck to reduce the angle. When the weight of the soil is released through the screen the deck then springs back to the original angle and rock now rolls off the unit. The rock is left at a pile at bottom of the unit and the screened soil is underneath for the loader to move out. The removable screens can be built to any specification. 

For more heavy duty contracting tools and equipment, you might need a Hercules excavator attachment, which is something that helps with the installation of paver patios and walkways. Learn more about the different types of excavator attachments. At PB Tools, we have a great selection in stock to help with all of your contracting needs!

String Line Holding Tools

Each string line holder we sell is perfect for any construction or masonry job that requires the use of a string line. And since these string line holders are built of pure aluminum, they offer years of productive use.

We also sell an adjustable masonry string line holder. This new, two groove system perfectly allows for different sized lines, multiple lines, and variable tie off methods. Making your construction project all that more accessible. And the new rubber o-ring provide for positive grade pin to collar grip.