Mista Paver Lifter - Techo Block


This is our paver lifter tool specifically designed for installation of the Techo Block Mista paver random permeable product which have a 7 5/8" common dimension.

It was built to be product specific and is non adjustable, therefore will not work on other pavers, unless they have similar measurements. Because it is product specific, it is both stronger and can more accurately place pavers than a "all in one" tool. The "thumb guide" aids in exact rotation and placement of the paver. It can also be used as a paver removal tool, and can pull paver out of the existing field of pavers easily prior to final sanding and compaction.  

Simply place tool over paver and lift. To release, place paver down and rotate tool left or right. The tool has built in stops to prevent over rotation prior to picking up next paver. Use thumb on top of tool to twist, rotate, or angle paver if needed.  

$48.00 /Each.
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As a part time tool designer for the last 15 years I've grown accustomed to a lack of enthusiasm from my employees when I hand them a new tool to work with. Fact is, I've had several prototypes not work completely as desired over the years. After a particularly long day, laying several hundred square feet of the Mista paver, which is a product you can't physically lift or palm with just one hand, I went home and built a few of these tools.

The next day we literally could not believe how fast and accurately the pavers went into place. We completed 4x as much in half the time. It was able to install all three sizes of the Mista paver, remove previously laid field pavers if needed, and set the edging course in place accurately on complex curves. So at the end of day I took the lifters home to show a friend of mine, switched trucks, and then forgot to bring them back to jobsite next day. That is when I knew I had a great tool! My employees were actually pissed at me for not bringing the tools back on site!   

Let's face it, most professional installers have "favorite products" we install time and time again. We don't need a tool that is designed to work just OK for every paver, but one that works extremely well for the specific product we are installing. Our tools are paver specific, therefore much easier to use, more accurate, and less expensive to purchase. Our tool is less than half our competitors price. Since you need two tools to be optimally productive, you can now purchase two for less than the price of one of our competitors tools. Our competitors tool was $125 each the last time I checked, and to purchase 4 of them is $500. With our tool, at less than half the cost, you can set up two installation crews for about $200.   

In addition, we can custom build tools to your specification if requested. We recommend this type of lifter for permeable type pavers due to the larger gap between the pavers. We can custom build a tool for you to meet any manufacturer product or size you require providing the paver spacing gap is sufficient to accept the tool.