Paver Screed Beams

Paver Screed Beams

2" x 3" aluminum beams. 6', 8' 10' 12' or 14'

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$69.00 /Each.
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The best way to screed your sand or stone dust!  Aluminum 2" x 3" beams have tons of uses! Much more than just a screed beam!  

It is a straightedge, a level extension, a reference for installing the pavers or wall stone, and can even be used as a gigantic square when using two.    

The 2" thickness is perfect for using the beam to determine finished height for 2 3/8" pavers (allowing for compaction). Variable lengths aid in layout and setup of projects.    

The sharp corners allow easy prepping of base materials for pavers or wall stone.  

Never buy another wood  2" x 4 again! The beams shown on trailer in picture above are 26 years old and have been used weekly/daily (depending on project).   

Buying just $35 a year of wood over 25 years is $875. You can have a complete set of these for around $500 and increase your efficiency!