Paver Screed Beams

Paver Screed Beams

2" x 3" aluminum beams. 6', 8' 10' 12' or 14'

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$69.00 /Each.
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The best way to screed your sand or stone dust!   Aluminum 2" x 3" beams have tons of uses!    Much more than just a screed beam!   It is a straightedge, a level extension, a reference for installing the pavers or wall stone, and can even be used as a gigantic square when using two.    The 2" thickness is perfect for using the beam to determine finished height for 2 3/8" pavers (allowing for compaction) .  Variable lengths aid in layout and setup of projects.    The sharp corners allow easy prepping of base materials for pavers or wallstone.   Never buy another wood  2" x 4 again!   The beams shown on trailer in  picture above are 26 years old and have been used weekly/daily (depending on project).   Buying just $35 a year of wood over 25 years is $875.    You can have a complete set of these for under $500 and increase your efficiency!