Perfect Grade Tool 6" + 8"

This simple system makes hardscape layout quick and accurate. It is the perfect tool to simplify estimates, job layout and provide visual representation of elevations when explaining the layout to customers.

Stop moving the laser detector up and down the grade stick! Quick, accurate, repeatable. Simplify elevation math when using a laser. Simply set top of first grade sleeve at a finished elevation. Set remaining sleeves with your laser at exact same level. Adjust string line to appropriate pitch (1" per groove). 

Now you can measure accurately and without moving the laser detector. Or, use with string line, and set perfect paver tools along at any point along the string line with and layout is complete.        

All aluminum construction for years of use. We can custom build tools to suite your requirements.

(2)  6" perfect grade tools and (2) 8" perfect grade tools   1" graduations.

$72.00 /Each.

We have all been there.....  Your on the job site, talking to the customer, in the backyard, trying to explain the layout of the project and "why" they need the number of steps that they do, or why that retaining wall is so high. You're trying to talk, lay out the patio on top, and do the math for pitch over distance from the home, while adjusting the laser detector up and down a hundred times to get the reading you just calculated.  

Now that you have the top of the wall, you need to recalculate for the bottom of the wall to explain the total wall height......It is simple math, but it might as well be advanced trigonometry your trying to explain to the customer in an attempt to get them to visualize the finished elevations...

This great tool fixes all of that for you, the customer, and your employees. Simply set the first tool at the starting elevation.  Once that is set, then use your laser detector to set all the others at the exact same elevations. For pitch, simply move the string line down to the corresponding elevation. 

For example, lets say you are building a patio onto a slope and it needs a wall below. If you have 20 feet of run and you want 1/4" of pitch then you need 5" of pitch, so move the string line down 5 positions. Now you have determined both the top of the patio and the wall accurately and now can simply measure down from the line to the ground to determine final wall height for the estimate. In addition, you can show the homeowner or your employees the elevation changes using a string line as a visual aid.

It is a fantastic estimating tool, especially when you are working solo. You no longer have to write everything down to keep track of all the elevations and keep adjusting the laser detector a hundred times. Set it and forget it! How many times have you had to go back to the starting point and remeasure it because you forgot the number, then started adding or subtracting for pitch again? This is much faster, accurate, and easier! No more wasting time!