Perfect Paver Installation Tool 3"

Perfect Paver Installation Tool 3"

Paver installation tool for installing 3" thick pavers.  

Segmented levels for final elevation, sand base, and top of gravel.

$10.25 /Each.
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This tool provides the fastest way to layout all of the elevations for multiple base paver projects. The elevation grooves are spaced to provide stringline measurements for each level of base required as recommended by the ICPI. By simply setting the top of the sleeve at the top of your finished paver elevation this tool, when used with stringline, will provide every elevation you need to complete the project. By simply moving your stringline to each preset elevation groove, you will have an automatic visual representation of top of gravels, top of sand base and top of paver.    

Once your primary excavation is complete, throw your tape measure back in the toolbox for the rest of the project. Now your elevations can be moved from level to level by the most experienced person on the jobsite or the employee that has been there one day, both with the exact same results and accuracy.    

We can also custom cut sleeves to meet any requirements. Call for needs.

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